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Pension Transfers

The UK ‘pension freedom’ rules that were introduced in 2015 have given investors considerably more flexibility over their defined benefit pension retirement savings.

Investors aged 55 and over can now transfer their defined benefit pension savings to a personal or stakeholder pension, a pension scheme with another employer, or a self-invested personal pension (SIPP).

However, the decision to transfer out of a defined benefit pension scheme is a major decision that could have important implications for your quality of life in retirement. It’s paramount that investors consider not only the advantages of a pension transfer, such as greater flexibility and the ability to pass on wealth to future generations, but also the disadvantages, such as the loss of guaranteed income and inflation protection.

Given the complexity of the pensions landscape, it’s a sensible idea to discuss your pension transfer with an expert that has a comprehensive understanding of UK pensions.

How we can help

At Clarity IFA, our advisers can help you with your pension transfer.

Our financial experts have a comprehensive understanding of UK pensions, and can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of transferring out of a defined benefit pension scheme.

We offer a specialised, unique pension transfer service that will enable you to make your pension transfer decision with confidence.

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