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Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) can cost your family and loved ones a considerable sum of money in the event of your death.

Without adequate planning, HMRC may be the single largest beneficiary of your estate after your death.

Whereas in the past, inheritance tax was mainly targeted at high net worth individuals, rising property prices in recent years have resulted in more individuals facing hefty tax liabilities.

It’s therefore essential to understand how inheritance tax works, and start planning early.

How we can help

At Clarity IFA, we can help you minimise your inheritance tax liabilities.

With a little forward planning, it may be possible to legally pay very little inheritance tax or perhaps even none at all.

Our consultation process is designed to ensure we gain a thorough understanding of your situation and objectives before we provide any advice. We take the opportunity to discuss your requirements face-to-face, in great detail, to ensure that we are providing you with a solution to your needs.

Contact Clarity IFA today to speak to us about inheritance tax today.