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What Is a Final Salary Pension?

A final salary pension, also known as a ‘Defined Benefit pension’ is a type of workplace pension. Instead of building a pension up over time, you are provided with a guaranteed annual income for life, based on your final salary.

They are most often provided by the public sector and when you are a member of the final salary pension scheme, your employer pays into a central fund on your behalf unless it is directly funded by the taxpayer. You will be assigned a normal retirement age and the pension will be paid from this date and the amount will depend on a number of reasons.

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Final Salary Pension Transfers

Investors aged 55 and over can now transfer their defined benefit pensions to a personal stakeholder pension, a pension scheme with another employer or a self-invested personal pension (SIPP). However, the decision to make a final salary pension transfer is a big decision that could impact your quality of life in retirement.

It is recommended that you discuss your pension transfer with one of our experts. We have a comprehensive understanding of UK pension schemes and can provide you with the appropriate advice and guidance. As an investor, you need to consider both advantages and disadvantages of final salary pension transfers. A pension transfer can have greater flexibility and the ability to pass on wealth to your family, but it can also mean the loss of guaranteed income and inflation protection. Our financial advisers can talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of transferring your pension and discuss what the best option would be.

As we are independent, we offer you unrivalled and unbiased professional advice. We always put the needs of our clients first and taking advice will help you weigh up your long-term needs against short-term plans. We may also provide you with information you never even considered.

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